ISO 7637-2 Pulse 3a/Pulse 3b 車用雷擊產生器

ISO 7637-2 Pulse 3a/Pulse 3b 車用雷擊產生器
內置60V / 30A CDN 可單機操作。
可產生上升時間<3.5ns 的高速上升波
運行於1 kHz至100 kHz的脈衝重複頻率掃描模式(需要搭配ISS-7601軟體)
型號 : ISS-7630

  • Pulse 3a and Pulse 3b generating unit 
  • A built-in 60V/30A Coupling Network allows independent operation. 
  • <3.5ns rise time pulse available 
  • Runs in pulse repetition frequencies sweep mode from 1 kHz to 100 kHz (ISS-7601 software required) 


Parameters Specifications (Pulse 3a. 3b)
Output Voltage (Us) Pulse 3a - 20 ~  -350V ±10% ( -1V step)
Pulse 3b 20 ~  350V ±10%  (1V step)
Output Resistance (Ri) 50 ohm
Duration (td) 150ns±45ns
Rise time (tr) Set as 5n 5ns±1.5ns (Us=±20V~±350V)
Set<3.5ns < 3.5ns (Us=±50V~±300V)
Pulse period (t1) 10µs ~ 999µs ±10%  (1 µs step)
t4 (refer to the figures shown belown for its definition) 1ms ~ 100ms ±10% (1ms step)
t5(refer to the figures shown belown for its definition) 9ms ~ 999ms ±10% (1ms step)
Test Time Set in min 1min ~ 999 min  ±10%  (1ms step)
Set in sec 1s ~ 999 s  ±10%  (1s step)
Circuit Breaker Rated Current 40A
Interlock External input: 
Control at contact point or Open Collector
L Level: 0~0.4V       H level: 2V~4V
Remote control
from PC
Interface Option: Optical Interface Unit Model: 07-00022A
Software Option: Remote Control Software Model: ISS-7601
Compatible OS Windows XP
DUT capacity DC60Vmax, 30Amax
Power supply AC100V, 110V, 120V, 200V, 220V, 240V ±10% (50/60Hz)
Operating temperature and humidity  23°C±5°C / 25~75% (No dewing shall occur.)
Dimensions (W) 430 X (H) 200 X (D) 522 mm
(Projections excluded)
Weight Approx. 17kgs
Power consumption Approx. 110VA
Standard accessories Instruction manual
Replacement Fuse (3.16A)
Interlock plug
DC Input Cable (2m)
Output cable (0.5m)
BNC conversion adapter
50 ohm coaxial cable with BNC
GND cable
Short-circuit lead (for waveform verification)