符合ICNIRP2010,IEC 62233和JIS TS C 0044。
型號 : EPS-02

Magnetic field sensor for the measurement (FT3470-91 by HIOKI Corporation)

Signal processor (R&SRRT0 1004-NSL by Rohde & Schwarz Japan)

Control software (with PC and camera)   


Measurement scene to an engine room


Magnetic field dispersion 

in the engine room



Measurement scene to a panel 

part inside a vehicle


Magnetic field dispersion on 

the panel part



Sensor Model NO. FT3470-91 by HIOKI Corporation  

Measurement frequency  10H ~ 400kHz
Sensor  Loop coil  Cross-sectional area  100cm² 
Measurement axis X, Y , Z
Rated magnetic flux density    2mT
Measurement mode Magnetic flux density  10Hz~400kH, 10Hz~2kHz, 2kH~400kHz
Exposure level General Public / Occupational
Measurement range Magnetic flux density  2μT/20μT/200μT/2mT *Rated magnetic flux density: 2mT
Exposure level 20%/200%/2000%
Measurement unit Magnetic flux density  T / Exposure level %
Display renewal rate   Approx. 250ms
Interface USB 1.1

 Signal processor R&S ® RTO1004-NSL by ROHDE & SCHWARZ JAPAN

Oscilloscope  Bandwidth   600MHz
Sampling rate   10G samples/s 
ENOB  > 7
Rise time   583 ps
Input sensitivity  1mV ~ in Base unit
Channel-to-channel isolation   > 60dB
RMS noise floor at 50 Ω    <=280μV at f.s. 200mV
Trigger jitter   <1 ps (RMS) 
Waveform acquisition rate   >1,000,000 waveforms/s 
At operation in FFT  Noise floor  -145 dBm/Hz (typical)
Updating speed  Max. >=1,200 waveforms/s (typical)

Control software, PC and camera

Image division size  Screen : 640 X 480 dot  Division size : 10~120 dot
Measurement mode  Magnetic flux density / Exposure level
Measurement data  Normal / Hold
Measurement data  Normal / Hold
Image display on camera  Still image / Animation
Strength level setting  Auto / Manual
Arbitrary function   Storage / Reading / Print-out / Export / Comment input
Corresponding OS  Window XP / Vista  /  7
Others    USB cable attached