EMC PRECISION SCAN是一種掃描系統,利用X-Y軸天線探頭掃描機構,在正常辦公室或類似的電磁環境中測量被測印刷電路板的射頻近場輻射。 掃描結果在用戶的PC監視器上顯示為頻譜圖和場強分佈彩色圖,後者疊加在由安裝在掃描儀主單元上的CCD攝像機拍攝的實際板圖像上,允許用戶容易地定位 確切的排放源。
型號 : EPS-3007

This product is now used in the following applications. Our company is continuously developing various new applications in cooperation with our customers. For example:

  • Locates spots with higher field level compared to other spots 
  • Locates spots with the frequency or frequency range in question, if any 
  • Comparison of measurements resutls between before and after modifications in circuit design 
  • Measurement for components  
  • Evaluates the effectivness of EMI suppression components 
  • Measurement for I/O cables 
  • Measurement for the surface of small metal enclosure   
  • Main unit/Controller
Scanning method Scanning of micro-electromagnetic field probe by XY stage
Analysis of detection signal Analysis using spectrum analyzer
Frequency response 30MHz ~ 1.5GHz (standard) 
30MHz ~ 3GHz (Option)
Low Frequency response (option) 150kHz ~ 100MHz
Control method Control by personal computer
GP-IB interface, pulse motor control, image control
Scanning area 300 (length) x 350mm (Width) maximum
Scanning resolution 1.0mm x 1.0 mm (depending on an antenna probe)
Minimum scanning step 1mm/0.1mm step
Power supply AC95~120, 210~250V 50/60Hz, 150VA
Dimensions and weight (W) 601 x (H) 980 x (D) 662mm
Weight Approx. 37kgs
Scanning probes Probe A (for vertical magnetic field) , Probe B (for horizontal magnetic field), Probe C (for electric field)
Function Scanning frequency range setting, Comparison, Filing and printing the measured data, Emission spectrum display, Search of source of maximum noise emission, Display of the emission intensities from the PCB under test, Synthesization of the emission data and overlaid on real-time image of the PCB

Personal Computer (Required specifications) 

Compatible machine IBM PC-AT compatible machine running the Windows® XP
Recommended CPU: Pentium® Ⅱ233MHz or higher
Main memory: 128M byte or more recommended
HDD: 100MB or more (dependinng on scanning data quantity)
Display mode: SVGA or XGA
OS Microsoft® Windows®XP, WindowsVista®, Windows7®
Software DirectX® version 2.0 after is necessary. (Direct® version 5.0 is recommended.) 
Used for 3D display.
Expansion Slots 2 x full height PCI slots (for the Pulse Motor Board and the Video Board) 
1 x full height PCIe slot or USB  (for the GP-IB Board)
Expansion Board GP-IB Board (Using IRQ)
Pulse Motor Board (Not using IRQ)
Video Board (Using IRQ)

Measurement function

System of unit Level: dBµV/dBm, Frequency: MHz (Linear scale)
Compatible spectrum analyzer

Agilent Technologies: E4402B
Anritsu: MS2661C

Please consult with our company about other supported analyzers.